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noun  |  ad·min·is·triv·ia  |  \əd-¦mi-nə-ˈstri-vē-ə\  |  Taking care of everything you don’t want to do (or know how to do, or even know you need to do!) to succeed as a business owner.


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Supporting solo and small business owners to operate more strategically, skillfully and smoothly.


Helping you and your business divine your future vision, define your mission in its context, scope smart strategies to realise it, craft a thriving business model and develop detailed plans to implement it, and design processes and policies to manage the journey successfully. Your independent business confidant, a trusted adviser, an experienced strategy collaborator to navigate change with you.


Helping you and your team get up to speed with operating new technologies, collaborating smoother and smarter, being more innovative and effective, and managing your change projects for success. Results are achieved via 1on1 transformational leadership coaching, team training and professional development, multi-stakeholder group facilitation and how-to guides.


Helping your business select, configure and integrate its end-to-end technology systems for maximum efficiency, automation, and accessibility. Platform agnostic based redevelopments of business systems for advertising to accounting and everything in between. Ecommerce products, courses, events, live online classes, appointments, memberships, affiliates, POS and more.


Dr Natasja Fox

“Chris, you have been the most wonderful person to deal with. So professional and thoughtful.

Thank you so much for handling all of my technical issues whilst maintaining humor and humanness whilst my dinosaur technology brain, continued to ask questions and malfunction when I couldn’t understand what Recaptcha or a plug-in was.

Popping all of my passcodes together onto a spreadsheet at the end of the job as a wrap-up was next-level thoughtful.

I have enjoyed this process and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again.

So glad I found you!”

Dr Natasja Fox, Nutritional Integrative Medicine Practitioner www.NatasjaFox.com

Daniel Sowelu

“I came to Chris when my self-employed business had become stagnant, suffering from a financial logjam and with an older style website that was clunky and no longer reflected where I wanted to take my work or how I was evolving individually and professionally. Even in our preliminary conversation, it was clear that Chris was able to not just provide the right technological support but was able to tune in very effectively to the more subtler dimensions of what I wanted to achieve, and then some. Out of our collaboration came a stunningly creative website that is very spacious, easy to use, has great fluidity and very much reflects who I am professionally at this stage of my career. The systems he has put in place have revolutionised aspects of my work that had previously contributed to the logjam and freed me to attend more to its creative dimensions. Chris is a pleasure to work with, very attentive and flexible, clear, and professional and with great integrity.”

Daniel Sowelu, Founder of DanielSowelu.com

Leyolah Antara

“As soon as Chris came on the web team, we all had a big sigh of relief. He is such a masterful tech genius, and his knowledge of systems and the mechanics of the back end is highly advanced. Now when I have a tech issue, I don’t stress as I know Chris will always find a solution, and with such grace. “

Leyolah Antara, Founder of Kundalini Dance and LeyolahAntara.com .

Saniel Bonder

“It’s my pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Chris Stewart as someone who may help you achieve things in and for your business or mission in the world that you haven’t done and probably can’t do yourself or with your current team. On two occasions, mostly from across the world, Chris accomplished what were for my wife-partner Linda and me highly improbable feats. The first time he researched all the videographers in our price range in the Bay Area and then came over and himself produced and served as interviewer for our first-ever DVD set. The second time, he researched every publicist and PR person in the U.S. in our general field — more than 220 — and helped me find just exactly the right publicist to promote a novel. He did all this with great good cheer, professionalism, and speedy effect. I’m very grateful.”

Saniel Bonder, Co-founder, Human Sun Institute, author, Ultimaya 1.0

Helen Zee

“Chris’s detailed and methodical approach to mastering his craft is commendable. He has created two websites for me, literally bringing my vision into online clarity overnight. As a solo businesswoman, I feel like I have a team in Chris. He gets my vision, gives me options, synopsis, costs to help empower the best choices. His transparency, diligence and methodical approach are some of the strong suits. I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone needing a highly skilled, problem resolution frontier for your business.”

Helen Zee, Founder of HelenZee.com

Sara Thorn

“I worked with Chris to design and implement my new web site. It was quite a challenging brief to integrate design, online shop as well as event booking capabilities. Chris has a lot of useful technical knowledge to draw on and ways to get the maximum benefit from plugins and options for web site navigation. Chris was helpful and really offered affordable solutions. Chris has a wonderful personality and can explain technical issues at a level which made it easier for me to communicate the desired outcomes. He is an excellent communicator and I recommend Chris and his Administrivia services.”

Sara Thorn, SaraThorn.com.au

Colonel Tara Bucknall

“When moving a not-for-profit from operating in the world of hard copy brochures, payments via cheques and word of mouth engagement with our clients and partners, I was blown away by the support and advice that Chris provided to me. He advised on and built our website that provides simple and effective communication with our clientele as well as enabling a non-tech person to easily maintain it. His advice and support was fundamental in providing a significant boost to our ability to engage in online world we operate in. From advice on corporate branding and messaging to best operating system to use, Chris has the knowledge, skills and networks to make it happen. We couldn’t do what we do now without him!”

Colonel Tara Bucknall, Program Director, Royal Australian Engineers Foundation

Tim Hyde

“With Chris and Administrivia I’ve found a company that can help me focus on my strengths. Chris is a highly detailed and disciplined individual whom I’ve called on repeatedly over several years for a number of business ventures where I’ve needed in-depth research and options presented for consideration. Chris takes time to understand the bigger picture, so I know that when I hand him a task it will be done right, the first time and I’m not left without a critical cog in my business growth plans. Its been my great pleasure to work with Chris over a long period and would not hesitate to recommend his skills to any business owners who want to focus on the big picture and let Chris take care of the administrivia that so often distracts us from the business of our business.”

Tim Hyde, Founder & Ex-CEO The-RiotACT.com, Founder WinMoreClients.com.au

Martina Hughes

“Chris provides a high level of support and care in the areas of website development, CRM administration, and the ongoing maintenance required for these areas of business. My capacity for understanding these technical areas is limited, so it’s good to have Chris bringing his problem solving, analytical and rational capacity into making things tick efficiently.

Recently, we have undertaken several major changes with integrating websites, mailing lists, and so on, and Chris has walked myself and my team through it quite effortlessly, and very effectively. Chris’ ability to create a structure for projects and break it down into steps creates a feeling of being supported and led through it gracefully, which is much appreciated. He presents all the available options and the associated risks and benefits which facilitate the decision making process.

He has also provided some much needed nudges in the right direction, when I have been unsure about which is the next best step for implementing significant changes. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is looking for a website, CRM, and development of other technical needs within a business.”

Martina Hughes, Love, Intimacy & Relationships Mentor, International Speaker MartinaHughes.com

Andrew Rickard

“I was introduced to Chris when a business venture I was involved in went looking for another partner to help us launch a new concept into the recruitment market. Chris soon became the driving force ensuring that we established a company with all the correct infrastructure to operate within the appropriate rules and at the best possible value for money, which was essential since there was no income during the start-up phase of the business. The partnership relied heavily on Chris’ expertise in this area and we found both his business guidance and creative input most valuable.  I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone needing a focused, professional and sincerely engaged business consultant to bring the proper rigor to their business projects.”

Andrew Rickard, Recruitment Manager, Austrade

Courtney Halstead

“I started working with Chris when I was at the beginning of building up my online business. I hadn’t even built my website yet. I was so overwhelmed with the complexities of everything that I was ‘ready to stick a fork in my eye.’ Chris came in like a proverbial white knight on an internet horse and has helped me set up all of my online systems, structures and website. I am deeply grateful to Chris for his extensive knowledge, skills, his patience and good humour and his ability to execute tasks whilst making it look beautiful. Thank you Chris for keeping my sanity intact!”

Freya Vajra, Founder FierceMystic.com

James Darling

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris during the start up of a consulting business. During this time Chris’s role (Director of Admin & Finance) was pivotal to the planning process. Chris’s eye for detail and methodical approach was key to the company’s launch and ongoing success, his ability to think out side the box is both refreshing while offering an educated perspective. I have no hesitation in recommending this talented individual.”

James Darling, Managing Director, Next Move Consulting

Chris C Stewart

Chris C Stewart

Tech Advisor @dministrivia

Chris is passionate about supporting solo and small business owners to succeed. He brings a mechanic’s mind, a warrior’s heart and a counselor’s skillful means into creative collaborations with clients. Chris has 15 years experience in strategy, operations and communications consulting to small and large organisations across private, public and community sectors, and now over a decade focused on solo and small business technology transformation projects. Chris has a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations & Psychology), Masters of Science (Strategic Foresight), is a qualified workplace trainer and assessor, and a certified Spiral Dynamics Values Consultant (Levels 1&2).  He’s played a central role in the establishment of over two dozen organisations in diverse fields such as finance, entertainment, education, construction, social justice, media, marketing, recruitment, medical products, spiritual practice, conscious sexuality and management consulting. Chris enjoys meditation, full bodied Aussie red wines and hiking with his dog Shakti.

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